This past week had been the busiest week by far. The work load at school started off very calm, but midterm week has been extremely busy. Besides studying for midterms and doing homework, I have been spending time with my parents and trying to make time to hang out with some friends.
It has been really nice having my parents here. I love spending time with them and it’s been nice enjoying things I wouldn’t normally do as a student, like going to nice restaurants that students can’t afford. Last Tuesday my parents and I went to a restaurant that is known for their florentine steak. This steak is one of the foods that florence is mostly known for. I was finally able to try it at this restaurant and I couldn’t be more excited. I did not know what I was missing out on before because this steak was the best steak I have ever had. If you ever come to florence you have to try it! My parents were only here for a week but the few days I got to spend with them were awesome. In addition to seeing my parents, I was brushing up on my Spanish all week because I got to go to Barcelona over the weekend! Barcelona was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. I left on Thursday at noon and arrived in Barcelona in the afternoon. It was very cheap and easy being able to come to Barcelona. My friends and I were able to go to Barcelona for about 70 euros round trip. Barcelona has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while now. I have never been to Spain before so I couldn’t wait to experience new cultures and experiences. The first day in Barcelona was open for exploring and shopping. The first thing I noticed was how much more modern Barcelona was compared to florence. Florence is a very old city that never changes whereas Barcelona carries a lot of history but is a lot more built up and modern. One thing I was so excited to see was a starbucks. It’s so sad but after 2 months of not seeing any in Florence (yes, you read right, there are no Starbucks in Florence), I couldn’t wait to try that pumpkin spice latte again to make me feel more at home. From the first few minutes of exploring, I could already tell that I was going to love Barcelona. Along with the amazing shops and change of scenery, the beach was a 15 min walk away from the beach and it had the most beautiful view of The city and the amazing architecture within the city.When dinner time came, I could not have been more excited to finally have real Spanish tapas. Tapas are small plates with traditional Spanish foods. My favorite food I had here was also the paella which is a traditional rice plate that is also typically found in Barcelona. My favorite was the seafood paella made with assorted seafood. After spending the first day shopping and eating, I dedicated the second day to visiting the monuments and museums. I was able to see the Picasso museum who was one of my favorite artists. I also got to see la Sagreta Famiglia which was a beautiful building with amazing, newly renovated architecture. It was amazing to go explore new and different things. The last day I was able to spend in Barcelona was dedicated to trying new foods and going to different outdoor markets as well. It was a nice little break from reality in Florence where I had to go back to school and I was so happy with the way the entire trip worked out.


Beach view in Barcelona


Beautiful stained glass window in La Sagreta Famiglia




  1. I loved reading about your trip to Barcelona during your study abroad! Sounds like you are having a great time! I have always wanted to visit Barcelona, especially after having learned so much about Spain in my Spanish classes. Florence seems like a great location to study abroad because it has easy access many cities in Italy and countries within Europe, which is great, especially for a college student who isn't abroad for very long and still has work to do. Have fun exploring more new places and enjoy your time in Italy!

  2. This sounds like such an incredible experience. Recently, over the summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy with my siblings. It was an incredible experience and I fell in love with the old town, the delicious food and the art. Barcelona sounds like it was also an incredible time. I find the their modern approach to old history very interesting and worth seeing. Your time abroad sounds like such an educational and enjoyable time to learn about different cultures, styles, and traditions around the world.

  3. This experience abroad seems incredible! When I was in high school, my mom and I traveled to Barcelona as well. The food was indeed incredible, and I was able to experience some of the same sights as listed above. The Sagreta Famiglia was definitely one of my favorites, it's incredible! I have always wanted to travel to Florence and experience the amazing cuisine that she wrote about. Hopefully when I travel abroad my junior year, I will also be able to write about my incredible experiences.

  4. I loved reading about your experience in Barcelona! Although I've never been to Barcelona or Florence, I aspire to travel to both someday. It seems nice to have had your parents there because I bet that you really missed them. Amidst the cultural experiences that you had, I was surprised that there was a Starbucks in Barcelona, but happy that you found one for a little taste of home! Barcelona seems like such a beautiful place to explore and get lost in and I hope that you've made many memories during your time there!

  5. How beautiful is that beach view! It looks like the weather was pretty good for your trip. I can't wait to see your upcoming trips, I'll be traveling this Friday for the next 13 days and then after that I'll be heading back to Philadelphia. After that I'll be living vicariously through you and your travel.

  6. I think it is terrific that you were able to see and experience so many incredible things when you went overseas. It is amazing at how different things are in places like Barcelona and Florence compared to the United States. You were able to try rich, ethnic foods like Florentine steak and paella, as well as observe beautiful art and architecture. I'm sure your views/perspectives are much more worldly after this trip. It's great to hear about the opportunities Drexel's d&m study abroad program offer.

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