Week 6

This was a much more relaxed week for me at the office. I set up and sent out mailings and tried to help as many people as I could. One of the interns on the fashion team was swamped with one of the biggest mailings of the year, so I was happy I could lend a helping hand. I’ve gotten pretty close with all of the other interns at ABPR and I’m going to be sad when the time comes and they have to leave next month, but I’m happy I got close with people at work, it makes everything so much more comfortable and less stressful while I’m there.
On Thursday I was asked to work an event for the Spring/Summer line at Aeropostale. I helped editors pick out a pair of shorts that Aero was promoting, and helped them design and order a personalized embroidered message on whatever pair of shorts they wanted. It was really neat being able to get personal with so many editors and bloggers. It was an event that I’m so happy I got asked to work, and at the end of the day I was even able to get a monogrammed pair of shorts of my own!



  1. Meg, I'm so glad that you're getting closer with the other interns because that's always nice to have friendly faces around at work. I'm sure you'll meet a lot of other nice interns once your other friends leave though! Working events are always exciting and fun, even though they can be hectic as well. I love seeing things from the start till the very end and it's awesome to be a part of that. There's no doubt about it that it's neat you got to get personal with so many editors and bloggers! I bet your shorts were pretty neat as well.

  2. Hey Meg!
    Sometimes it is nice to have a more laid back week at work. I'm glad to see that you are making friends with the other interns and helping them out because if there is ever a time where you need help, they will be there with a helping hand. The events that you are able to work at ABPR seem amazing! It is really cool that you are able to get first hand experiences and can meet the editors. That is so awesome that you got your own pair of shorts that will always remind you of an amazing event that you worked while on co op!

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