Week 6 @ Freedom Rains

Compared to last week, this week was lot more relaxed. I spent the majority of my working on another version of the floral print I already created, which is currently being turned into a fabric. Now I’m using a similar floral motif to design appliqués which will later be bonded onto a jacket. Normally we would render prints on the computer, but this technique requires me to hand place every component onto the pattern for the jacket. The team is really excited to be introducing new design techniques into the line in order to make more expensive looking pieces that are better suited for high end retailers. Although it’s complicated and requires a strong eye for placement, I really enjoy being able to get away from the computer and work with my hands for a change – since I much prefer hand drawing to using Adobe Illustrator.

We also had two production fittings this week, which I know seems strange considering we have yet to actually put anything into production. We have to double and triple check all the measurements on sample coats that are similar to what we’re making and include them in our tech packs. It is important for us to figure out things like the length of the coat, sleeve length, pocket placement, and where any other details might go so we don’t have to make too many changes later on. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what everything is going to look like since we really only have a sketch to go off of. Even though we use samples of other garments for initial inspiration, the end result will be completely different.

As some of you may have heard Zac Posen has a new partnership with Delta airlines and is overseeing the design of their uniforms. As we’re involved with House of Z our design team was asked to provide designs for any outerwear components. This week we got back some of the first samples of these designs and we’re all really excited to move forward with this! Creating these uniforms challenges us to think differently. Instead of just style, we’re asked to think about more practical needs and how a garment can benefit the wearer.


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