Week 7 @ Freedom Rains

I started out the week going out on a wild goose chase for a particular ski jacket we needed to a model a men’s Delta coat after. We figured we’d be able to find one at the Macy’s on 7th Ave, but I ended up having to go all the way to a sports store in the Flatiron District. Luckily, the weather has practically been like summer! I definitely enjoyed getting out of the office and exploring Manhattan, but of course walking over twenty blocks in heels was not as enjoyable.

This week we also realized that the pattern I had been working on last week needed to be re-designed. We were trying to use the print I created for a fabric that’s being put into development, but the floral motifs were too small and delicate. The appliqués we’re trying to create will be cut and stitched by hand, so they need to be larger and less complicated. I had to redraw the floral elements and spend more time placing them onto our jacket pattern. It took a lot of experimentation and redoing to get right, but we were finally able to send everything out for development. I’m excited to see the prototypes since I’ve put so much time and effort into perfecting this piece! I’m hoping the end result will be just as I imagine it.



  1. It is awesome that you got to design a pattern that will be used as a print on a fabric. I am currently taking Design 1, and was wondering when I would use what I have learned in the real world. It looks like you used what you might have learned in Design 1 right away in your co-op. I would love to see a picture your redesigned pattern. Even though you had to go back and redo your original pattern, I am sure once you see the final product on the jacket will be worth it.

  2. I like how you get to experience both the hard and exciting parts of being an intern. It must be hard to walk around in heels in the city especially knowing how much walking there is to do. But it is so exciting that you were able to create your own pattern! It seems like it's not an easy task to complete but I'm sure your ending result will be perfect! Good luck !

  3. That's awesome that the pattern you made will actually be put to use! Especially after putting so much effort into it, there's nothing like seeing your work pay off. Sounds a bit like our design project, so that gives me some hope that the class is useful for the future. I can imagine going on a chase for a jacket was stressful, but to me running around New York sounds like fun! At least you'll be up to speed with the industry after having to run around all over.

  4. It is a dream of mine to work in New York and your description in the beginning reminded me of my favorite movie the Devil Wears Prada when she runs around getting skirts and doing all of these errands! This gets me very excited to start my co op, hopefully in NYC. It seems like these coops are really preparing everyone for their careers in the future.

  5. It is interesting hearing your experience with being an intern and being in New York. Ideally, that is something I want to do in the near future. That’s so amazing that you got to design the pattern for a jacket. It sounds beautiful! I hope it turned out the way you wanted it to!

  6. It was so lucky that you got the chance to design the pattern that will actually be printed in real fabric. Of course, there will be some hard time in this work, but i am sure all your efforts will be paid off. I am also looking forward to start my co-op during junior year! Hope I can be as lucky as you. Thank you for sharing:)

  7. Although your hunt for that ski jacket seemed stressful, there's no place I'd rather be running around in than Manhattan. There's nothing like the upbeat pace of life of that city. We just completed a pattern project in my Design 1 class, so I can only the imagine the time and effort put into creating and recreating the pattern you made in order to get it just right. It is so awesome that they are using your pattern on a jacket! It is going to be so rewarding to see the final product put together I hope you are really satisfied with it.

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