Relaxing Week 7

Mailings, mailings and more mailings this week in the office. The intern office was packed full of boxes and gifts that we were in charge of figuring out went to who and then making them all pretty for the people receiving them. I actually got to send one large mailing to people such as Olivia Munn, Lily Aldridge and Julianne Hough. It’s funny to think that they receive what I put so much hard work into looking appealing. This week was pretty simple, helping my mentor with things around the office, and this was the first week with no events for the beauty team. As the holiday season approaches us, I can already tell things are going to be hectic in the office, but I’m excited to lend a helping hand.

This week my friends from school actually came to visit as well. We got to go to restaurants I’ve been dying to go to, like the adorable cafe Penelope on the corner of 30th and Lexington. That is probably one of the best things about living here, finding the most interesting places to eat. I can’t wait to find more places to go with friends in this wonderful city.



  1. Thats so cool that you got to prepare gifts for VIP's. I'm sure it put a lot of good pressure on you to not mess anything up. Also, that food looks delicious! New york has some of my favorite restaurants!

  2. This makes me really excited to go on co-op. Choosing a city for my co-op is really important to me and I think being in one like New York can provide a lot of great opportunities and options. I can’t wait to be involved and work in the fashion industry soon enough.

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