Week 7

This week has felt a lot easier with the workload than other weeks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting the hang of things, but I’m glad that things are finally becoming more routine and regular. The beginning of co-op was difficult for me because I didn’t really get trained before work started. So it’s definitely a great feeling that I’m more comfortable doing things by myself and knowing that I’m doing it right. These past two days I’ve been on the computer a lot doing most of my work, but I’m looking forward to going to Maryland next week for work! I get to go see two of our accounts and help out with a trunk show and attend a cocktail party where Nicole Miller will be attending!

This past weekend was a nice break from campus because I went home. I got to go to DC, where my parents’ new condo is, and then got to spend the other two nights back home in Maryland. I got to see my dogs that I’ve missed, hangout with my parents, and see some of my friends back home. I even got to take some neat pictures while I was away! To the right is a picture of my parents’ new condo along with some &pizza on the table. My brother works for a new pizza company, called &pizza, where he is the community manager. The pizza is amazing and you can create your own as well, just like how chipotle works!


To the left is a picture I took of Loch Raven Reservoir in Maryland. This weekend I got to enjoy the beautiful weather before it got cold again.

One comment

  1. It's great to hear that you have been feeling more comfortable with your coop job! When you push yourself out of your comfort zone and overcome it, it shows that you are learning and growing as a person! It's nice that you've been through some sort of struggle while working and still powered through it. I'm sure you feel a lot more accomplished now.

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