Weeks 7 & 8

These weeks have been really busy for me at the Bellevue as everyone has been in full merchandising mode for the new boutique. All the products are in and being set up in the space, along with some great display pieces and furniture. After re-doing the services menu and releasing the promotional postcard last week, this week for me is all about in-store signage. I’m using picture frames leftover from Bellevue Gets Engaged to create vendor “nameplates” to display on the shelves beside the products.

Oddly enough, one of the challenges I face about co-op is figuring out what to wear! I usually wear nice black pants, Chelsea boots, and a tucked in blouse, but as the weather gets colder I’m craving sweaters. The problem is, my office is a sauna! All in all, not the worst problem to have about work — going to have to utilize lots of layers!

Unfortunately there was some severe computer trouble that was inhibiting my productivity the past two weeks, so some display signage took much longer than expected to be created. Despite that, it has just been approved to be released to the printers, I’m so happy it’s finally done! I’m excited to begin being productive again, though my boss and I are anticipating things to slow down to a more normal pace once the boutique is open. I’m interested to see what the next project will be.


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