week 8

This week was pretty much easy and comfortable. It didn’t help that the weather was bipolar and it was raining but it was a pretty lenient week. I was expected to do the usual duties like receiving packages and sending them off to get repaired or sent back to the inventory. I kept the excel sheets updated of the inventory which were returned, exchanged or repaired. This week definitely consisted of a lot of research to create inspiration boards. My boss wanted me to look up 1920, 1930 and art deco themes. I was unfamiliar with these themes besides the one time I watched Great Gatsby. It was definitely fun and inspiring to look up these jewelry themes. It probably took a lot more effort to put them all in Indesign and organize them to different categories. But it was definitely worth it knowing that my boss will use these as inspiration for her new spring and summer collection for 2016.


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