Preparing to Show Abroad

By Sarah Campli

As a way to expand our line’s reach, we’re beginning to show pieces in international showrooms, specifically Milan. This is huge for us considering it allows us to reach consumers on a global level and gain recognition for the ZAC Zac Posen contemporary line. We’re hoping this will boost our sales so our outerwear line can continue to expand each season and be able to create garments at every price point.

It was a lot of work to pack up all of our line. Since the majority of the line is now finalized, we were able to have different sets made. One we keep in our showroom here in New York and the others travel as needed. It can be a little confusing to keep track of things, which is why we make line sheets and take photos of everything we send out. WIMG_1928e were also responsible for putting together informational materials that will accompany the line. I worked on a book containing a photo of every coat in the line and fabric swatches of the each color it comes in as well as sketches and color palettes. Oddly, I felt like I was right back at Drexel! The project was reminiscent of something from Presentation Techniques.

I learned through all of this that there are independent companies that operate showrooms all over the world. Brands will send their lines to them and often one of the designers will come to teach the showroom staff about the line so they can properly sell it to buyers. Lines rotate in and out and it benefits both the brand and the showroom company.

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