Special Guest

By Megan Teasdale

After the crazed snowstorm Jonas kept me captive in my house, going back to work was the only place I’d really gone since the storm. To say the least, it was a crazy week. On Wednesday I noticed the office had a bit of a different vibe but I wasn’t exactly sure why that was. I was then given so many tasks that kept me so incredibly busy, such as gathering new OPI nail polish collections and wrapping them perfectly to send to editors, being sent on missions to find very specific products to continue to send out all day. I had completely forgotten that everyone was acting a bit unusual.

Then I found out. The executive assistant walked into our busy intern area and told us why everyone was so frantic. The office wanted to make sure everything looked perfect for a special guest…Reese Witherspoon! The rest of the interns waited until she left to start fan-girling the Legally Blonde star. Of course after that I had to tell as many of my friends as I could that Reese was coming into my office! This is one of the best aspects of my job, getting to meet so many incredible people. That was one thing I never really imagined I’d be doing when I came into this internship.

Around 4:00 Reese came in and received a tour of the beautiful office and salon, and at one point I heard her say “Oh my God,” and it was like watching Legally Blonde in real life. While I was putting down a bag for a messenger to pick up, she smiled at me and my day was pretty much made. Once she left I actually had to do some clippings for our clients and it was so exciting to see her as the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR this month! I never really knew that PR could be this exciting on a regular Wednesday afternoon.



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