How Adults Play in the Snow

We all hear the word “snow” announced on the Weather Channel and the news and immediately break into panic mode. As the infamous video by comedian Vic DiBitetto says, “I NEED TO GET THE BREAD AND MILK!! THEY SAID SNOW!!” (If you have not seen this youtube video, it is a must see- Bread & Milk- The Original) The shelBlog3.pngves of grocery stores empty and we stock up on candles in case the power goes out. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a snow storm. But it isn’t strictly business… with snow comes play time! Children dress up in their oversized snow jackets, pants, scarves, hats, and gloves to go roll around and have snow ball fights.
The issue with this assumption is that we exclude adults from playing in the snow. We need to have fun too! Adults love snow too; it’s fluffy and cold and you can make things out of it. So how exactly do adults play in the snow? We shovel it. I know, it sounds so boring and adult-like but it really is how we play! I discovered this from the most recent snow storm, Jonas that covered the North East, because this was the first huge snow storm I have witnessed since becoming an adult. I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of scraping shovels against the gravel driveway. After eating breakfast I decided to go out and join. We were shoveling for about 20 minutes until we had to begin to clear off the cars. My first instinct? Grab the biggest pile of snow off the roof and dump it directly onto my brother. He was so covered we couldn’t even see his face, that made us all burst into a huge genuine laugh. Soon enough we were all throwing snowballs and ducking behind the piles of snow we created, to use as protection. Throughout the four hours of shoveling the driveway, these playful fights would break out. It was such a fun time, that involved the entire family.


We finished shoveling the entire driveway and cleaned off all five cars! But this exhausting task was more than just clearing the snow out, it was about adults playing in the snow. Some adults do make it a point to get dressed up and go play outside after a snow storm. With being an adult comes a lot of responsibilities and it isn’t always realistic to set time aside to go play. So we use these responsibilities, such as shoveling, to have some fun in the snow. Being an adult isn’t always that bad.


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