Eat Up

By Meagan Teasdale

Coming to New York is one thing, coming to New York for the food is a whole other. It will always blow my mind the saying, “You can eat at a different restaurant every day for the rest of your life in New York City, and not have eaten at nearly all of them.” When I find a certain place that I know is good and trust the quality of their food, I stick to that place. For instance, the hole in the wall sushi place on 38th and 3rd, that’s pretty much my dinner every night when I decide to treat myself. This week my boyfriend is visiting me and wanted me to find a nice place for us to go to for dinner. That’s where the struggle came in. There are literally thousands of places, and I have such a hard time finding one when the time permits. Luckily, I have friends here that go out to eat way more often than I do. I was given suggestions left and right and decided on a place in Little Italy called

I was told, “They have penne vodka that’s to die for,”so why not. My advice for people visiting cities or living in new places: don’t be shy to try as many places as you can. Get up and go somewhere when you can! There are so many restaurants and hole in the wall cafes I want to try and it’s sad that my time here is coming to an end. It’s disappointing that I haven’t tried as many amazing places. Also, if you’re new to a city and want to find good restaurants, a helpful thing to do is to follow foodie Instagram accounts. Yeah, it will most likely make you crave something you can’t have in the middle of the night when you’re scrolling your feeds, but write it down in your notes and plan a trip there. That way you can order that amazing dish you saw on your phone that one time.



  1. After visiting New York numerous times it is true that you can eat at a different restaurant every day for the rest of your life. There are so many good options but like you mentioned it is easy to find a place you like and go there time after time instead of branching out. After reading your post I can relate because while visiting Rome this past summer I too found myself going to the same restaurant night after night when there were so many other options. I like your advice that when visiting or living in a new city, “don’t be shy to try as many places as you can.” Hope you enjoy your last few weeks in the city!

  2. I am one of those people who rarely go out to eat in the city. I always stick to my favorite four places to eat in Philadelphia and I have only gone out to eat once in New York City. I love exploring and trying new things, but when it comes to food I begin to worry. But after reading this post, I want to get over my fear. I recently started following more foodie accounts based off of food in Philadelphia. I want to start going out to eat more in places in Philly when it starts to get warmer so I can walk to the restaurants. It is always good to try new things, and I can’t wait to discover all sorts of new food places.

  3. I have grown up going to New York City, so I can definitely agree with the saying you mentioned! I think this can also be applied for Drexel students who are new to Philadelphia. I follow an Instagram account that always posts pictures of food that looks incredible. The pictures have the location of where the food is from. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried a new place because of this Instagram account. It also is a great way to find new places in the city to explore.

  4. I have been to New York City so many times, so I completely understand the feeling. Whenever I go, I try to go to at least one new restaurant every time. This way I can find some places that I really like and if I like a place I will normally go back to it. I even keep a list of restaurants that I love in New York. I also really like going onto New York Food Instagram accounts. It’s a nice way to find new places.

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