Market Week at Freedom Rains

By Sarah Campli

Market week tends be the Fashion Week most people have never heard of, and yet it’s one of the busiest times of the season for the fashion industry. It’s a very “behind the scenes” type of affair. Throughout the week, buyers will come in and out of our office to survey what we have to offer and what they think will sell the best in their stores. Outerwear tends to be a somewhat conservative but also competitive market. You could walk into any outerwear section of any department store and be greeted by a sea of black coats, with a sprinkling of other neutrals like olive green and perhaps camel. Almost everything is the same because the average customer isn’t ready to make a statement with their outerwear yet. They want something functional and something that will go with everything; stylish but not too stylish. It’s important for us to cater to that with the ZAC Zac Posen RTW outerwear collection. We still want to separate ourselves from other brands, but we also have to be aware of what shoppers are actually going to buy. Therefore, we have to cover a spectrum with our collection so there’s something for everyone (and something for every buyer to offer their customers).

Ideally, a buyer will see our line and want to walk away with everything, but it’s not that simple. Buyers have to know what will work for their stores, what trends and brands they’re pushing, what sold well in the past, the list could go on. In some ways, knowing a buyers’ picks can foreshadow how well certain pieces in the line will do as well as the line as a whole. If a piece isn’t getting as much traction as we had hoped, then maybe it’s time to drop it from the line or reconsider the design if we can. We also have to realize that outerwear is a weather driven market. This  year, outerwear hasn’t been selling very well because up until these past few weeks it’s been very warm and people have been gravitating more towards sportswear. In case we have another warm winter next year, buyers are going to be hesitant in the number of pieces they ultimately decide on so they can manage their potential loss. We designed our line with both standout and more traditional pieces that will cater to a variety of different markets around the country and appeal to a wide breadth of customers.

One comment

  1. You are taking a smart approach to designing and selling the ZAC Zac Posen collection. Classic, neutral outerwear is always a go to for women because it goes with everything. Statement coats are fun, but not everyone is bold enough to wear them, therefore they have a tendency to be less popular among customers.It is important that the buyers you are working with are aware of this and what will sell and has sold in their stores in the past. Good luck with the rest of co-op! It seems like you are learning so much and having a great time!

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