Sports Illustrated is making waves with its 2016 Swimsuit Edition

Sports Illustrated is yet again breaking stereotypes with this year’s swimsuit edition. The issue recently revealed that the plus-size model Ashley Graham is in the running for SI’s Rookie of the year. She is one of the first ever plus-size models to be featured in the magazine which has long been know for its ultra thin, size 2 models.

Graham via Instagram has been keeping her fans up-to-date on the issue and thanked them for all their support. “It’s official – I’m a @si_swimsuit model!! This is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who stood up for curves – our voices were heard and together we can help me win Rookie of the year.”


Ashley Graham is also part of an ad campaign within the issue for the online swimsuit retailer Swimsuits For All. The swimwear brand’s #SwimSexy campaign promotes positive body image and aims to redefine “sexy.” Ashley Graham is featured alongside 56-year-old Nicola Griffin and fellow plus-size model Philomena Kwao. Together, these three women are bearing it all with the exception of their gold bikinis.


Philomena Kwao, Nicola Griffin, and Ashley Graham. Photo Swimsuitsforall

Sports Illustrated has broadened its definition of sexy and is finally recognizing that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.



  1. I love that Sports Illustrated is doing this! They are breaking stereotypes by featuring a plus-sized model in the magazine, rather than the usual skinny swimsuit model who is a size 2. This gives women a more realistic perspective that everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. The media is finally starting to feature diverse women who are different in race, size, and shape. Sports Illustrated has done this and they are broadening their public image of featuring the typical model into their magazines and being more realistic.

  2. I love that Sports Illustrated is doing this! They are breaking the stereotype by featuring a plus-sized model, rather than a typical skinny model who is a size 2. Readers, particularly women, can get a more realistic perspective of the definition of beauty. The media is now starting to feature more diverse women of different races, sizes, and shapes. Sports Illustrated is doing this and breaking their public image of featuring skinny models and changing it up and being more diverse.

  3. I think this is amazing, and something I’m sure many people are happy to finally see. Sports Illustrated, is in my opinion, taking a step in the right direction. Promoting the fact that not every girl is going to be a size 2 model. Recently brands have finally been acknowledging that beauty comes in many different shapes in sizes, such as Aerie and Dove, so it’s nice to see such a well-know magazine also taking that step.

    • I love that Sports Illustrated is breaking the standards for their covers again. I think it is important that we acknowledge that women come in all shapes and sizes and we should not be limited to one look for models. By using these three women for this cover, Sports illustrated shows women of all ages that they are healthy and beautiful regardless of size, race, or age. I am happy to see this change in the magazine and I think this cover will help many women feel confident about themselves.

  4. I think this is so awesome and it gives me hope that one day the commercial and media world will celebrate all women and men’s bodies equally. Ashley Graham and the two other women in this article are beautiful, just as every single woman in the world is beautiful. In addition to Sports Illustrated I know that companies like Aerie and Dove are also making strides in body positivity, and I hope that this trend will continue and that we as consumers will see more and more of different body types in media. In the future with whatever job I get in the industry I hope to support and continue the trend of body positivity and equal representation of all body types because I think it is extremely important for society.

  5. Sports Illustration has recently been a topic of much discussion on many social media platforms I follow after the release of this year’s swimsuit edition. After reading this blog post, I agree that their latest swimsuit edition is aimed towards breaking the stereotypes that are often associated with “sexy.” They are defiantly recognizing that “beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes” as you mentioned. More and more brands are coming to recognize that size 2 models are not realistic and it seems plus-size models are becoming more common amongst many adds and even in store mannequins. Which in my opinion is a step in the right direction. This alteration of what the media defines as “attractive” and “sexy” is something that has needed of been adjusted for awhile now. Thus, it is reassuring that such well known brands and magazines, such as Sports Illustration, are willing to risk the potential backlash amongst their followers to shine light on body shapes other then size 2, ultra slim.

  6. I think that times are changing and that society is beginning to accept that a woman can be beautiful in any body shape. With Sports Illustrated having a plus size model as the cover of their magazine shows that women of all shapes are breaking the social stereotypes a size 2 model is considered beautiful over one that isn’t that size isn’t just as gorgeous. The media is starting to diversify the view of what women look like which open the eyes of those in society to become accepting that all women are beautiful, even if she has curves, even if she’s skinny. I think with the media accepting that the average woman doesn’t have the long legs, the slim body, the tiny waist, they begin to appeal to a broader audience which also boosts the confidence of all those women who look up to unrealistic images of beauty. More magazines should begin to pick-up on what Sports Illustrated has presented to the world.

  7. Honestly, I think this is so amazing that Sports Illustrated finally did this! The Swimsuit Issues are iconic and it’s the perfect platform to show diversity and teach women that you can be beautiful no matter what size you are. The average American woman wears about a size 12 or 14, so for brands and magazines to primarily feature size 2 models is no longer realistic. I hope more brands will embrace body positivity and start to show diversity in their ad campaigns. The fashion industry is something that is coveted and looked up to by many people and it is our responsibility to be positive role models for all.

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