Valentine’s Day on a College Budget

February 14th is one day of the year in which people are to express their love towards friends, family, and significant others. Just like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day requires some splurging. What other way to say “I love you” than material goods? These gifts include expensive flowers, jewelry, and a fine dining experience. As wonderful as these gifts sound, they are fairly unachievable on a college student’s budget. So how do yo celebrate Valentine’s Day without paying the high cost for these extravagant gifts? The answer is actually quite simple… Stick to the basics. For this year’s Valentines day my boyfriend and I decided we were going to make it the best, but cheapest, Valentines Day yet. We immediately set a budget for gifts. We decided ten dollars was a fScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.06.23 PMair amount; three dollars for a card and seven dollars for candy bars, such as Snickers.  The best way to keep this special day cheap was to make our own dinner. Making your own dinner not only saves money that would need to be spent at a restaurant, but provides the perfect bonding activity. Instead of paying for a movie, we watched our favorite TV show and cooked! We estimated the cost of a nice dinner would near $80, compared to the cost of groceries to make homemade Penne Alfredo with asparagus and chicken, around $25. Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.07.36 PM.pngAnother factor that helped save money was to purchase a bottle of wine instead of having to pay for individual glasses at a restaurant.

It is possible to have a romantic and special Valentine’s Day without emptying your wallet. The key to this is to stick to the basics. Simply set a low budget for gifts and cook your own dinner. By staying home and making your own food you can save on the cost of dinner and wine! The best way to say “I love you” is to spend time with the one you love.




  1. I actually did the same thing this past Valentines Day. Nothings wrong with just chilling in sweats watching that one Netflix series you can’t seem to stop. We cooked together and were just lazy together. It was a nice day spent together, and a college budget didn’t stop me from making it a nice, comfortable day. Less is more!

  2. I agree that you do not need to hurt your wallet to show someone that you love them. Hand written cards are my favorite gifts and they are very personal. I never throw away hand written cards, as they become sentimental to me and keep as good memories. I did not have a significant other this Valentines Day, but I sent my family cards and chocolate and shipped it back to California. They really appreciated the gesture and I even made my mom cry. Heart felt gifts can be just as good (and even better in my opinion) as pricey material goods. After all, Valentines Day is about showing someone you love them, not how much money you have.

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