Ji Oh F/W16

By Megan Teasdale

While scrolling the feeds of Instagram, and following nearly every account that has to do with Fashion Week, one designer caught my eye in a way none of the others did. Ji Oh, a Korean designer who debuted in 2014, has caught my eye since she was able to mix extremely over-sized clothing (and I literally mean sleeves that can drag across the floor) with delicacy. The main colors in this collection seem to be black and yellow, creating a bumblebee effect that actually works without looking ridiculous. The designer explains that the clothes are meant for a city girl who is tough, and dresses the part. Which totally came across when looking at the collection fully. I can see an editor who is stopping to get lunch in NYC wearing one of the mohair sweaters with an over-sized bright yellow trench.

Ji Oh Fall/Winter 2016

The one garment that caught my eye from the beginning was a coat that Barneys New York posted on Instagram. It’s lavender and white mohair, so big that I’m not sure I would ever be able to get out of it if it was mine. It is quite possibly my favorite piece I’ve seen so far from all the millions of Fashion Week posts I’ve come across. She designs her clothes for a confident, chic girl who is tough no matter what is going on in world around her. The textures may be soft, but through details and texture placement she creates designs we have never seen before. Sleeves that drag across the floor when you walk may seem unlikely, but in Ji Oh’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, it works.

Ji Oh F/W 2016


  1. I also follow a lot of designers instagram so I can keep caught up with NYFW or any other country’s fashion week since I can’t physically be there. I haven’t noticed Ji Oh before, but after reading this article I became very interested. The lavender and white mohair jacket is beautiful. I would wear it so much if I had it! I decided to look up more of Ji Oh because of this article. The clothes are beautiful and she did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see what she creates in the future.

  2. Prior to reading this I hadn’t heard of Ji Oh, but these pieces were so interesting that I just looked at her previous collections. The garments she creates are gorgeous and surprisingly wearable for the average city dweller. Like you, I also follow a million different designers and magazines, but these designs do definitely stick out among them!

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