By Megan Teasdale

After living in New York for the past five months, the time has finally come when my lease has ended but I still need to come into work. I only live in central New Jersey, so it isn’t the worst thing in the world but definitely not ideal. Around 6:20 am I wake up, get ready and go downstairs to a quick meal and to-go mug of coffee. I’m usually spilling it, due to me not putting the lid on correctly, making my morning that much more frustrating.

penn station
New York Penn Statioe frustrating. Finally after gathering myself and everything that I’m bringing to work , I jump into my dad’s car and we drive thirty minutes to the train station (unfortunately, there is no close station near my home…). It’s not bad sitting in the car just talking to my dad since I’m so used to him leaving home before I even wake up most of the time. Getting on the train is also pretty relaxing, something I didn’t expect. I pick my seat, preferably window seat and alone which never happens, and I just chill. I either read a book or catch up on Grey’s Anatomy aka the show that can make anyone cry in public.

Once I get off the train, it’s a quick walk to my office to start the day for good. Since commuting, it really has made me feel like even more of an adult than ever. It’s a strict schedule that I need to follow in order to get to work on time, and something that will most likely prepare me for the real world after graduating college (since, let’s be real, living in New York is expensive after a while). Also, once you’re home after a long hard day at work, it really is such a nice and relaxing feeling. I don’t mind commuting, getting the day started early feels good and like you really aren’t wasting anytime. For the time being, I’m totally content with my (long) morning commute to New York City.



  1. As much as I love being in college, hearing you talk about your work schedule makes me anxious to join the working world. I can’t imagine how cool it is working in New York. I’m sure it’s hectic and some days you might not enjoy it, but it’s definitely a great life experience to have under your belt. I hope to be in your position some day. Being on a strict schedule actually sounds nice since my college schedule is all over the place.

  2. I completely understand that after a long day it must be nice to be able to go home and just relax. I used to think that commuting would be a very hard and stressful thing to do, but it seems like it is really working for you. It also seems like you are very good at sticking to a strict schedule, which is very important in life.

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