The Busiest Month of the Year

By Desiree O’Brien

February may be the shortest month, but it is the most busy month of the year for me. This is because every single week has a very important day I must attend to. The first week of February consists of my best friend’s birthday that I always spend with her. This year we decided to go to a local restaurant called Jones. It is a Steven Starr restaurant that has the most delicious all American food. I recommend my favorite entree, the meatloaf. After dinner we spent the night in her apartment and had a fun hangout with friends and games!Blog6.png

Next, the second week of February, consists of my birthday. This year, for my 22nd birthday, I went out for drinks with my friends the night before so we could celebrate at midnight. My boyfriend came to celebrate the day with me and we went to Dave and Busters and I got my first tattoo. I have been wanting a tattoo for years and was provided a great opportunity to get one on my birthday so I went for it! It was a beautiful day spent with so much joy and laughter.

Four days later was Valentine’s Day – my boyfriend and I spent the day cooking and celebrating on a budget. Another four days later, the third week of February, was spent celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. I had to attend class that day so I drove to be with him after I got out of class and made it just in time for his family’s dinner for him. I allowed him to plan the weekend with everything he wanted to do so we went to Star Wars and then went rock climbing. I must admit, I have never seen a Star Wars movie and was not very excited to see it, but the movie was absolutely amazing! I would recommend it to anyone. So, with three weeks of constant celebrating, the fourth week of February is spent catching up on all schoolwork and housework I have ignored. Needless to say, it is my least favorite time of the month but it is essential. The month of February, for me, is filled with fun and love but with this comes the catch up.



  1. Sometimes it’s actually really nice to be so busy. Especially when it’s all really exciting events that you were celebrating. I saw Star Wars as well expecting to be bored the whole time, but just like you I enjoyed it a lot. I hope March is just as fun as February was for you! Happy birthday, by the way!

  2. I agree, it’s definitely nice to be busy and it sounds like you got to do a lot of fun stuff this month! I’ve been to Joan’s and it’s really good! I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if you like comfort food (but who doesn’t?) I also really liked the new Star War’s movie as well. I loved that anyone could watch it, even if you hadn’t seen the previous ones. Happy belated birthday!

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