After the long, much needed, winter break we all had here at ABPR, things have picked up quickly and I’m just as busy as when I left. One major difference is I have a different mentor. I still work closely with my old one but now I help out with even more brands. I was excited to hear I would be working with brands such as By Terry, OPI, Clarisonic and Flower. It’s been great being able to learn new things from my mentor.

One of the biggest things I’ve been working on is clippings. I actually have come to love doing clippings seeing as I basically get to read magazines online and keep an eye out for our brands. It’s always so rewarding when I can find one of our products in magazines I read so often. After I find the page with a product of ours on it, I have to then ‘clip’ it, or screenshot the page and open it up in Photoshop. I attached a clipping I did today for OPI. One major thing my mentor has taught me is to get to know the brand inside and out. Knowing as much as I can about a specific brand really helps when you’re working so closely with all of the products. For example, By Terry is a luxury makeup/skincare brand and the creator is actually the one who is basically the head honcho behind Yves Saint Laurent makeup. All in all, Terry de Gunzburg rocks.

In other news, it’s finally getting really cold in New York, but at least this calls for cute sweaters and an excuse to dress comfy and warm in the office. I can’t believe how quickly my time here in the city is going by and I’m even more surprised by how much I’ve learned on my co-op experience. I think after this opportunity, PR is absolutely something I will consider for my future.

OPI, Cosmo, Feb 2016


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  1. Personally, I’ve have never put too much consideration into working in PR, but it definitely sounds interesting! Being able to see all of the brands that your firm represents in the media must be really interesting as well. Even though you had a change in mentors, it sounds like you have even more opportunities available to you now, good luck!

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