Beauty “Trends”

By Megan Teasdale

Every year there are tons of articles posted about “this year’s beauty trends”. Quite frankly, I don’t know whether they are legitimately considered trends or if they are just fun to look at for a quick read. I understand lip colors, eyeliner tricks or even colored mascara. It can be awesome to switch up your look by changing something small about it or buying a cool new product that is being featured in so many articles. But sometimes there are these “beauty trends” that don’t make much sense to me. For example, one big thing I’ve seen mentioned in a few articles is gold leaf in your hair. eaa33ea0dbb64d9cb4cbd93b9a463d3e

It looks awesome for editorials, and can absolutely spice up a runway show, don’t get me wrong! But when it comes to reality, how practical could this be? Another article I recently read was about pom-pom nails. You read that right, actual pom-poms glued to your finger nails.enhanced-21451-1456766959-11Once again,this could look crazy awesome for an editorial but when it comes to reality, how is this practical?! You can’t wash your hands, shower, or as the article mentioned, eat Cheetos with these things. Although these “trends” seem absolutely insane to me, it’s one of the reasons I love the beauty/fashion world so much. No matter how ridiculous something may seem, editorials do it anyway and draw attention. There are thousands of crazy beauty trends being talked about every day, and while they may not seem practical they are seriously fun to look at.



  1. I think I saw the article about the fur nails that you were referring to! I think they’re so crazy and totally impractical, but maybe a fun idea for an editorial piece – like you said. These trends might be something more to take inspiration from than to actually replicate. Maybe instead of gold leaf in your hair, you could do gold eyeshadow/liner or like a golden toned bronzer on the face.

  2. I too often times think to myself…”are they serious” but it makes me love the crazy world of fashion even more! I recently saw a tutorial for colorful fur nails, similar to these pom-pom nails. Even something as simple as the “wet look” for hair is so hard for the average person to pull off but looks so crisp and clean in the magazines and on the carpet. I agree that some trends may not actually trend because they’re so impractical, but they are super fun to look at.

  3. There are often times where I think that some of these trends are truly amazing only when their kept in photoshoots, runways or anything else that’s not reality. I wouldn’t imagine myself with pom poms on my nails…(design class won’t permit it). Some of these trends are do-able while others should just remain as part of a one time thing.These over-the-top trends sometimes lead to a more simpler way to interpret them in which the average person can use them within their lifestyle and still remain fashionable and up to date. But the original trend in magazine’s they seem nice!

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