The Power of LinkedIn


By Desiree O’Brien

As Drexel Design & Merchandising majors, since the first year of college we have been told me must have a LinkedIn profile. It was still a fresh site and we were weary, so we made a bare skeleton of a LinkedIn profile to make our professors happy. Then, as we got into our second year at Drexel we began co-op and it became apparent that our LinkedIn page would be seen by actual employers! The profiles we thought would not be seen would actually be seen by some of the most important people we would encounter. Since then LinkedIn has only become more powerful and an amazing resource necessary to get a career.

This last term of college I am taking the Career Strategies for D&M course in which the main project is to produce the perfect LinkedIn profile. In order to achieve this the course instructor, Beth Phillips, got a professional to look at our profiles and give suggestions as to what we should alter. These changes included having a professional picture, a descriptive summary of your strengths, having connections to endorse your skills, and connecting to important organizations such as Drexel Alumni. There were also small changes suggested such as including a background image and course work that relates to your desired career. Over the course of this class I made these changes and boy have they paid off! I received a phone call from a hiring agency that found my LinkedIn profile and believe I am a perfect fit for a position they need to fulfill. It is for a position I am very much interested in, buying, and I am in contact with the company now to set up an interview. Besides getting an actually interview, making a strong LinkedIn profile has increased the views it is receiving.

It amazes me how powerful LinkedIn truly is when utilized. Finding a job is extremely stressful when fresh out of college, especially when applying while finishing classes. Having a professional LinkedIn profile allows job opportunities to come to me in addition to my efforts to reach out. It helps relieve so much stress and allows me to focus on finishing my last term of college strong.



  1. Wow, I really loved your article. My Linkden is something I have been working on all year, and I was skeptical about whether or not it will pay off. Hearing that you actually got a job from your linked is very inspiring and makes me want to insure that my Linkden is up to date, and good. What do you think people want to see in a Linkden profile? Are they looking to see more experience, or just professionalism? What do you think was the best change you made to your linked profile and why? What would you say is the best thing to have on your Linkden as a student looking for jobs?

  2. I think this article has a lot of really good insight. I always thought that LinkedIn seemed unimportant and a website that not very many people used. After reading this article, I now realize how important it really is and why it is necessary to keep my profile professional and up to date. I did not realize that companies actually do seek out potential employees through LinkedIn. I will have to remember these things as I prepare for co-op and future jobs.

  3. This article is extrememly relatable to me! As a freshman Design and Merchandising student, I had to make a LinkedIn account for this class at the beginning of the year. I had heard of LinkedIn before, but I had never actually used it. My profile on LinkedIn is very bare at the moment, however this article gave me good ideas on how to update it, such as summarizing my strengths in my description, having a professional photo, and connecting with Drexel Alumni. This will make my LinkedIn profile a more professional and efficient platform to help myself in the work force. I know that LinkedIn could be helpful for attaining a co op or job in the future, so I will be sure to utilize these tips!

  4. Reading your post reminded me that I should make a LinkedIn! I never made one when I was getting ready for co-op because I was too focused on getting my portfolio together and creating a resume that would really stand out. But now that I’ve heard you’ve actually found potential jobs through LinkedIn, I feel inspired. Now I have ideas for what to include. Good luck with your interview!

  5. In this day and age getting a job is extremely difficult. Something like LinkedIn that allows you to make connections and have your resume online and accessible will only give you advantage in the job field. It is basically a professional Facebook profile, anyone can look you up and see what you have been up to. Sooner or later I am sure having a LinkIn will prove to be fruitful when it comes time for me to get a job.

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