ZAC Zac Posen at Coterie


By Sarah Campli

Coterie is one of the most magical things one can attend as a member of the fashion industry. Basically, it’s a women’s wear trade show with nearly every brand in attendance. It’s absolutely huge. Retailers set of booths to display their upcoming collections; some of them even looked like miniature stores. They have everything from jewelry to lingerie to evening gowns. By far, it was one of the most exciting parts of my co-op. To be honest, I didn’t spend a lot of time at the ZAC booth because fortunately I was able to walk around and explore. While it was really exciting to see all of the big name brands/designers, I enjoyed getting to discover new brands and seeing what they have to offer. Sometimes you can find some really unique stuff! I also really enjoyed getting to walk around the “Sole Commerce” section, which was all shoes. I even got to see a shoe brand that I really admire Isa Tapia (although I’m too much of a broke college student to actually be able to afford them!) Their booth was small, but super cute. I liked that they had all of the designer’s illustrations covering one wall; I thought that was a really nice touch. I’d definitely recommend checking out their Instagram account, @isatapia, if you like cute, colorful shoes.

Back at the ZAC Zac Posen booth, we had our outerwear collection, the hand bag
cIMG_1085ollection, and of course the RTW line. It was definitely rewarding to see all of our outerwear displayed in this setting. Our showroom is pretty small, so we don’t have the room to merchandise the line the way we really want to. At Coterie, however, we had more of an opportunity to present everything. We had all the outerwear pieces set up on the outer perimeter of the our booth, so it was the first thing people saw when they walked by. I even got to be a model for a little while. We didn’t have a full length mirror, so buyers would ask me to try things on for them. And obviously, playing dress up is always fun!
Overall, Coterie was a really cool and unique experience. It’s hard to really capture everything in writing since it’s such a large scale event – larger then I ever imagined it to be. I would definitely recommend looking for a co-op that allows you to participate in it!

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  1. I have a friend that attends Montclair for merchandising and I saw her posting pictures of Coterie but could not figure out what it was! This article answered this lingering question in my head. I am so jealous you got to attend this trade show. It sounds like the most amazing opportunity to be able to see and learn about unique products and brands. I only dream that I can attend such an amazing trade show. Thank you for this insight on Coterie.

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