ZAC Zac Posen meets Tommy Bahama

UnknownA few weeks ago, we found out that our company would be taking over the Tommy Bahama men’s outerwear line. Our sales team was only supposed to rep the line, since we have experience in the outerwear business, and Tommy Bahama needed help in that area. They’re not a brand that you necessarily think of when it comes to coats and jackets. Personally, I think of Margaritaville and Hawaiian printed shirts. However, for a brand like Tommy Bahama that has storefronts across the country and is making a name for itself in Macy’s, it’s important to be flexible and cater to customers in a variety of climates. You have to have something for everyone, even if the beach isn’t at your doorstep.

Unfortunately for us, the design team that initially worked on the line wasn’t too familiar with Tommy Bahama’s persona. I believe the lead designer was from Denmark, which actually made sense considering the samples we received had a very European vibe to them: very trendy and slim-fit, basically the opposite of Tommy. It was completely unsellable, at least for Tommy Bahama’s target market. Now we’ll be taking over the designs for the outwear line. We’ve purchased coats from other brands like Brooks Brother’s and Eddie Bauer to use as references, since we feel that they have a similar, classic American feel to them. It will definitely be a challenge taking on another line, especially since our main focus right now is ZAC, but hopefully this will further the company’s growth.


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