The Importance of Voting

By Desiree O’Brien

This year is one of the most important years to vote for the presidency than any other. It is impossible to go a day without hearing or seeing something related to the presidential candidates. As we all know, there are two primary poll leaders being the Republican representative and the Democratic representative. This year, it seems as though there is a tie between the two. The race this year is so close, which means this is the most important year to vote! If you have followed any of the debates, or simply go on social media, television, or the internet, then you know that this is a serious situation. Many people have opinions on this years presidential election and these people like to vocalize it, but ultimately going out and voting is what is going to make the difference!Blog9.jpg

Every person has a right to have a opinion and it is understandable people want to vocalize theirs. As great as it is to publicly support the presidential candidacy, it doesn’t mean that action is solidifying your vote. This has become an issue with the millennials. We are so engulfed in social media that we believe posting our opinions and thoughts to the public is enough to make a change. But, this is false. Millennial’s must register to vote and physically go to the machines and click the button. We are the people who can and will make a difference if we go out to vote. Before discussing politics, please consider discussing the importance of voting because not enough people are registered and taking advantage of their voice.


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