Why Attend Drexel University?


By Desiree O’Brien

I must admit I was not always the biggest fan of Drexel University. In fact, during my freshman year I began the process to transfer to another college. I set up meetings with every counselor and even met with professors to get their opinions because I wanted to make sure that transferring was the best decision for me. Well, through countless meetings I was persuaded to stay at Drexel University and I am so happy I did! Looking back, Drexel University was the best possible college I could have decided to attend. There isn’t a long list, there is a simple answer which is it has prepared me for the future. I strongly believe Drexel is the best college to attend because it will make sure you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

The first way Drexel prepares you for the future is that they wean out the weak. This sounds so harsh but it is absolutely true! Drexel is extremely fast paced with a heavy workload and many people realize they cannot handle it, so they drop out their first year. This allows the opportunity to reflect on what your limits are, and should be. It is a lesson to learn that you can’t take on more than you can chew. My first year, I did believe I bit off more than I can chew but I was underestimating myself and my professors saw that. I am so grateful they persuaded me to stay because they were right – I could handle this and I did!

Along with that, Drexel teaches you the skills required to be successful. Because we follow ten week terms, four times a year, with few breaks, we are trained to work diligently year-round. We have no problem transitioning from college to professional life because we have already gone four, or three, years without a break. When we first began attending Drexel we understood there will be no more summer vacations to rest all day and go to the beach with friends. Besides being accustomed to working year-round we also learn to prioritize and manage large workloads. This is exactly what employers want to hear! We can handle large projects due in a short time span because we have been doing it for four years.

And of course, Drexel is the best college to attend because you graduate with work experience. This is crucial to actually get a job; to even get an interview for a job. The very first bullet under “skills required” in a job description typically is a required amount of time of work experience. Because we attended Drexel University and had to complete co-op we can actually apply for those jobs. This sets us above all other applicants.

Drexel University may not be fun, it may not be the most school spirited, it may not have the most beautiful campus, but it prepares you for the future. Drexel University will ensure you are able to succeed in any endeavor you choose. Drexel University will put your resume at the top of employers’ lists because you have experience in the field. These are the reasons why students should attend Drexel University.


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