Ps & Qs For Her: It’s About Time

As a dedicated fan of menswear, I find it hard to shop for clothes I love while still keeping a feminine edge to my style. Oversized shirts and sneakers are where it’s at for me, but it’s a constant push and pull between looking cool and taking the baggy thing too far. Lucky for me, my favorite boutique in Philly (which is strictly menswear, of course) is opening a women’s store!

After years of requests, the guys at P’s & Q’s are opening their first women’s store, P’s & Q’s for Her, on March 19th. The store will be on Antique Row at 1018 Pine Street, and judging by the dedication put into the men’s store, we ladies are in for a treat. There hasn’t been any news on their list of brands yet, but I’m okay with surprises. P’s & Q’s MVP list of brands, including Staple, Topo Designs and Tretorn, is enough to make my wallet salivate.

The P’s & Q’s team hard at work on the P’s & Q’s for Her storefront.

Not only does the visual merchandising savvy team at P’s & Q’s understand how to merchandise a beautiful store, they also know a thing or two about marketing. Employing various methods to get people excited about their new store including yarn-bombing, Instagram teasers and illustrations, the guys at P’s & Q’s know how to give customers just the right amount of suspense to get them excited about what’s next. P’s & Q’s is known for hosting notable fashion related events in their menswear store, such as speaker events (Jeff Carvalho of Highsnobiety, Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous, etc.) and Tretorn shoe dyeing events. After attending almost every event they host, I can’t wait to see what P’s & Q’s has in store for P’s & Q’s for Her.


Philly crochet street artist, ishknits, yarn-bombing the P’s & Q’s for Her storefront.

While you patiently await the P’s & Q’s for Her store opening on March 19th, I recommend checking out their menswear store located at 820 South Street (there are candles, books, and backpacks if you don’t share my love for oversized t-shirts). Happy shopping!


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  1. This sounds so exciting, I love going to new store openings and the way you described this store makes me want to go even more. It seems they have a very unique way of seling themselves to their customers and I’m sure they are hyping up the idea of P’s & Q’s for Her in really interesting ways. I’ll definitely be checking it out when I’m in Philly.

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