Fast Fashion or Fraud?

By Casey Nyhus

Recently, I’ve been noticing attractive advertisements on the sidebars of my Facebook timeline that promote unbelievable deals for cute and trendy clothing at a fraction of retail price. I was intrigued by these websites and how they could offer such cute clothing at such an affordable price point, so I did some research to see what these companies were about.

Websites like Zaful, Zolita, SheInside, and Romwe sell attractive and on trend clothing that looks to be of good quality at very low price points. Clothing is pictured in an attractive manner, and their websites are pretty easy to navigate. Some of these websites offer thousands of styles to choose from, making it so that anyone browsing the site could most likely find a few things that they would be interested in buying. Now, this sounds too good to be true.

After going through their contact information, about the company, and terms and conditions, I saw that some shipping policies promise clothing to be shipped from 2-6 weeks, which is very out of the ordinary. Then I started to go through their merchandise, and I recognized some of the photos being used for their products from other online retailers and a few fashion blogs.

I brought this up to my roommate and asked her if she had ever ordered form one of these sites to see what her order turned out like. About a year ago, she ordered a few dresses from a website called Zolita. Her order took a month to come in from China and the clothing she received was nothing like was pictured on the website. One dress had a slip underneath that hit at the hipbones and the halter was shifted to the side and did not cover the bust. Another dress sagged in some areas while the others it was too tight, and another came up on the sides so much that it didn’t even cover her hips. The material used for these products was cheap and uncomfortable.

Another friend I talked to ordered a bikini and cover up from Romwe that she never actually received. When she contacted the company after her order didn’t come in for three weeks, they never responded, but she still was charged for her order.

Unfortunately, these deals are truly too good to be true. If clothing that was so on trend could be so affordable and of good quality, stores like Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Zara would most likely be out of business. Overall, buying anything from these companies will most likely result in disappointment, whether your money is being stolen or your purchase is unable to be worn. Personally, I would probably stick to buying merchandise from companies I know and trust.

One comment

  1. Casey, I’m so glad you chose this topic to write about. Since formal season is coming up I have been browsing daily on these types of websites because they are so heavily advertised. I thought I would maybe give it a try especially since we’re all on that college budget. After reading your post I’m glad I didn’t order anything. This was a very insightful article. I am definitely going to stick to quality over quantity!

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