“Living It” Through the Eyes of a Transfer Student

By Rachael Frese

33rd St, Freshman Year – Myself to the right

We’ve all heard or seen “Drexel University. Live It,” and we all want to live that dream! However, you don’t always get what you bargain for in life, that’s just how it goes.

I’ve taken it upon myself to use the term “transfer” loosely since I did start my college journey right here in University City.  Picture this: A bright eyed, bushy tailed me ready to tackle anything Drexel has to throw at me.  Wow. By the end of my freshman year (2011-2012 for reference), I was very, very far from that picturesque idea of myself.  For three terms I navigated my way through the biology program slowly but surely losing momentum and faith in myself.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a story of complete failure, it’s a story of inspiration for those of you who are feeling completely lost.

So, at the end of my freshman year, I, a Pennsylvania native, said “Buh-Bye” to the halls of Papadakis and Disque to venture out to the big city of Los Angeles to find myself.  My plan was to get my license in cosmetology and be a stylist to the stars.  I was going to do it big! Yet again, I fell flat on my face, knowing no one in a big city where literally everyone is chasing some glamorous dream. Three months later I moved back to my hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Soon enough I realized I needed to finish what I had started and moved back to Philly and got my cosmetology license but was still hungry for more.  I re-enrolled at Drexel and defended my case to transfer into the D&M program, and here I am!

Now, I think we all know the “Drexel Experience” isn’t exactly what everyone would imagine to be a typical college experience, but when you transfer into a program at Drexel, it’s even more radically different than a typical Drexel experience.  Here, from Day One, you are in all the same classes with all the same people taken in a specific order.  When you don’t take those classes from the beginning, good luck squeezing in to full classes and finagling your schedule to be able to take every class you need to graduate on time.  You will sit in freshman classes during senior year wondering why you have done this to yourself.  You will question whether or not you actually want to be at Drexel or in college at all.  You will question everything. But, do not fear.  It is all worth it when you are about to kiss that finish line, all the stress, shower-less days, sleepless nights, and all the times you might want to scream seem to pale in comparison to putting on that cap and gown.

The moral of the story?  No matter how many times you change your mind, how many times you want to give up, how many different paths you end up taking, and no matter how hard things may get, you can do it.  If you are passionate about what you’re doing, you can do anything, so keep on keeping on!



  1. Very moving and motivational. I connected with so many of you’re points, especially when you question everything because I do, everyday. But you’re theme/moral could not be further from the truth. It speaks to everyone, whether they be a transfer student or someone who has been at Drexel from Day 1, and is the answer to every question that contradicts one’s reasoning to move forward and continue. It is a moving moral that is very important to not only remember and be constantly reminded about as a student but as you go on in life into the career field or just in life in general. Awesome job and congrats!

  2. I really like this post. Not only can I relate to it because I am a transfer student, but you really sent an inspiring message. Being a transfer student can be very difficult but this post is inspirational, I really connected to it!

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