Trend Watch: Ivy Park

By Samantha Schiano

Calling all Bey-hives.

On April 14, the highly anticipated collaboration between Beyoncé and Topshop can be yours. Yet this is not just any celebrity collaboration to reckon with. It’s a “Beyoncé collaboration.” As all Bey-hives know, any collab Beyoncé becomes a part of becomes something more than just a collab; it becomes a world of its own, full of pathos and ethos, not an endorsement deal. For music, it is the emotion interpreted, the meaning behind each song. It is what makes Beyoncé so admirable and powerful.

This is exactly what she has done with her athletic wear collaboration with Topshop. Ivy Park is not just a brand full of logo sweats, sheer-paneled bodysuits, basketball-mesh tops, and leggings. It’s a brand about celebrating and empowering the woman and her body. It’s about purpose over perfectionism; strength over beauty.

Everything in this line was thought out (hence the reason it has taken over a year for it to launch). From the engineering behind the fit and fabric, everything falling under the umbrella of athletic wear was considered and pushed further. It was these little things, like where the top hits your arm, how breathable the fabric is, and how it enhances the female form that mattered the most. The concern was on feeling safe and covered but also sexy while working out, not on how visible the logo was.

I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this collection. Not just because it was co-founded by Beyoncé, but because of its voice and purpose. Ivy Park was “made for women who want to look and feel at the top of their game.” Wearing Ivy Park will not be about wearing another brand, but supporting a message.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.32.31 PM

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For more information and where to find Ivy Park nearest to you or online visit

All images courtesy of Ivy Park (6)



  1. As a fan of the athleisure trend, I was interested to see this collection. I really like that the movement behind the brand is to empower women. More and more people are wearing their “gym clothes” outside of the gym, so it was definitely a great move to start this brand.

  2. I love this article! Very well written and descriptive of the collection. I like that Beyonce’s point was to empower women and the athletic trend is definitely very big right now.

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