My Very Own ‘Fixer Upper’

By Rachael Frese

We’ve all found a show of HGTV that makes us swoon, and if you don’t, you seriously need to tune in.  Seeing buildings get torn apart and completely transformed gets your creative juices flowing in a way that most other things can’t.  My favorite show happens to be Fixer Upper, with stars most of us know and love as Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Their story is wonderful, just a normal couple doing some really cool things to worn down, beat up properties, who just happened to get picked up for their own tv show on HGTV! Seriously, how amazing would it be to be trucking along doing your day job and someone comes along and says “Hey! We want to film you doing that and give you your own tv show!”.  Um… Can we say “YES PLEASE?!”

Now, as all of these beautiful older homes begin to crumble to the ground, the idea of ‘flipping’ houses has become incredibly more glamorous.  If you’ve got the capital to put down cash for a beat up house and turn it around for tens of thousands in profit, it’s probably a solid investment if you know what you’re doing.

So here I sit with my boyfriend, Ryan, on a random weeknight watching episode after episode of Fixer Upper thinking, “Wow, how amazing would it be to flip houses together? I could do the redesign and he could do all of the handywork.”  Fast forward a week later and my dad is telling me that we’re flipping my grandmother’s house for resale after she goes into a nursing home.  While that was sprinkled with some unfortunate news, I was pretty jazzed to have the opportunity to get my toes wet and see if house flipping could be for me.  My dad agreed to let Ryan and me on board for the flip, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Now, on the weekends, we drive ourselves up to Harrisburg and work on this house.  I’ve picked the colors and redesigned bathrooms, chosen the floor and the new kitchen hardware.  I’ve sanded cabinets and will be laying tile soon enough! Seriously, I’m jumping up and down on the inside for how much fun this is.  You get to see your imagination become a reality, and help do it! I can absolutely not wait to see house this flip turns out and to see if Ryan and I could be our own ‘Chip and Jo’!

My very own "Fixer Upper"
My very own “Fixer Upper”

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