Getting “Into the Gloss”: #GlossierPink

By Gabrielle Richardson

A new beauty brand has stepped up to the plate, and the internet is obsessed with #GlossierPink. Glossier is a new minimalistic beauty + skincare brand with the motto “skin first, makeup second.” Pioneered by popular fashion blogger Emily Weiss, who runs the blog “Into the Gloss,” draws in customers through interaction and aesthetic. Glossier is the first crowd sourced skin care brand – this means numerous people were asked what attributes they look for in a beauty product and Glossier tried to incorporate these elements into their final product. This move by the company garnered trust and faith in the Glossier product along with a sense that the customers voices are heard. Making the product seem like more of a movement than just something to buy.


Another thing that makes Glossier stand out is their branding. Everything about Glossier is pink and minimal. From their packaging to their ads, the palette is fresh, clean, and has the iconic pink throughout. The hashtag used on all their ads is #GlossierPink, and they encourage all people – not only their customers – to use use the hashtag when faced with this color. Not only does this make their brand unique and easily recognizable , but Pantone has chosen the same pink as the color of the year for 2016. This ads to the popularity of their brand not only because of their palette, but guarantees that the color that represents them will be recurring  throughout the year, and that the use of their hashtag will be on the rise.

This mix of branding and customer loyalty has put Glossier on the map, and a staple in F/W 16 NYFW. The brand is loved by designers and consumers alike for it’s minimalistic easy use, pleasing design, and the story it has to tell. For a company that has been open for less than a year, it will only continue to grow.



One comment

  1. Absolutely love this brand! I could not agree more with what you have said. Emily Weiss has created a brand so intuitively and creatively it is quite impressive. She has become one to watch with reason. If it were not for my job at Madewell, I would have never come into contact with this brand, or would I probably not have become forever obsessed.

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