Hot Height Platforms

By Miranda Meehan

It really is true that fashion never dies. Recently, I have been online shopping like crazy (most of us college shopaholics can agree). More specifically, sandal shopping. Every website I’ve been noticing more and more of the platform sandal. I own many wedges, whether they’re espadrille, cork, or wood. Typical wedges don’t seem to be the number one trend of this spring/summer season. Instead, it is a sandal that is more revolutionized than ever before.

One of the hottest “must haves” of the spring/summer season are the platform sandals, more specifically the Heights Platform from Free People. These go-with-everything sandal was created by the iconic brand Kork Ease. Inspiration by the brand’s original design from the ’70s lives on, taking bohemian festival wear to the new level.

They are perfect for that summer bbq, festival extravaganza, or just roaming the streets of NYC. Kork Ease was founded in Brooklyn in 1953, making a name for themselves with their comfort heels-for-every-occasion designs. It now the 21st century, and this platform wedge still is rocking the streets of the new spring/summer trends. From Free People to Forever 21, the platform wedge is becoming an iconic look for these warm seasons. They are everywhere! The platform wedge goes perfectly with mini dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, and shorts, heck just about everything. Which is why everyone should own a pair!

The Heights Platform is the perfect combination of vintage and festival flare, which is hot for this seasons trends. They guarantee comfort, stability, diversity, and more importantly, they’ll make you stand out! All the while still maintaining a chilled out and kicked back look. They also come in a wide range of colors like rust, snake, caramel,washed-out denim, and more. The Height Platform has been a real game changer in revolutionizing this spring/summer’s new styles. The days of flip flops, gladiators, and wedges are long gone.Now, it is essentially a shoe that incorporates all the regular sandal characteristics that we have seen over the years. It is truly a dominating summer style that has reappeared from the 70’s and is now trending all over.



One comment

  1. Miranda,
    I really enjoyed this article! Fashion never dies and it is so true with this height platforms! I have three pairs and I love them! I am seeing them all over celebrities and fashion bloggers. I love these shoes and they are becoming more and more of a trend!

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