MILK Makeup

by Gabrielle Richardson

Milk Studios is a studio based in NYC and LA and it’s a media hub that is at the forefront of culture and fashion. They have a showroom in Soho and collaborate with numerous fashion brands to host events and even runway shows. Although they have a gallery, magazine, agency, and event space, they never had a product which they sold. Recently Milk has expanded and now have an item they sell, many thought they would expand to clothing and shirts, but instead they’ve expanded to makeup.Milk-Studios-Logo.jpg

Similar to Glossier, Milk Makeup believes in clean minimalist makeup made up of wholesome eco friendly materials. The interesting thing about Milk is the way they brand themselves, and how they showcase their makeup. They don’t use any high end models to sell their makeup but use social media stars and New York socialites and cast “regular people.” Each product on their site comes with a tutorial on how to use it, where the person puts on the makeup themselves and shows how THEY use the product, and looks they usually wear. The looks range from normal “no makeup” makeup, to glossy pink eye shadow and heavy wings, and even to “club kid” blue eyebrows.


Seeing normal (although still conventionally attractive) people use their makeup, and show how they put it on – often using fingers and non professional tools – gives the brand a vibe of elevated street culture but converted for the makeup market. It gives the sense of an easily achievable high end look. Milk Makeup is a brand that is on the cutting edge of makeup while seamlessly finding the medium between minimalistic and edgy.

In the video below model Sahara Lin showcases how she uses milk makeup.








  1. I like that you compared Milk to Glossier; I think it’s spot on! When I first learned about Milk makeup, I also made that comparison. I haven’t tried any of their products, but I love that the makeup is eco friendly and very simple.

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