H&M Coachella

By: Colby Shulick

H&M teamed up with Coachella creating a co-branded collection for both men and women and calling it #HMLovesCoachella.  The collection features trendy pieces and stylish accessories.  The overall look of #HMLovesCoachella is all about personal style.

The collection consists of blouses, beading, fringe, printed rompers, and denim shorts.  Along with the clothing there are floppy hats, booties, sunglasses, and bags.  There is also clothing for guys such as printed tees and all kinds of shorts.  Some of their inspiration from this line came from Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Bosworth.

Not only does H&M create a stylish yet cheap option for Coachella, but the clothing really expresses Coachella.  The clothing line is trendy and expresses freedom and ease.  Celebrities even rocked the line.  Over 300 people attending Coachella wore a piece from the inspired line.

H&M always has a way of creating nothing but the best.  With their trendy styles and low prices, what more could you ask for? H&M is one of the first places I look if I am looking for my favorite staple t-shirt or new style.




  1. Colby, I loved this article. It is always so interesting to me to see how certain stores collaborate to make such interesting and cool collections. It seems like a lot of these pieces would be a great addition to anyones closet!

  2. Colby, as soon as I read this article, I immediately went onto H&M.com. I have always been a fan of H&M ever since middle school and have been a dedicated customer. But after seeing this collection, I am now an even bigger fan. One can never go wrong shopping at H&M and especially for festival apparel!

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