Spring Beauty Trends

By Rachael Frese


The weather seems like it’s finally normalizing here in Philadelphia so with it comes springtime fashion and beauty trends.  So it’s only fitting to take a look at the spring beauty trends and which ones you can realistically fit into your routine!

Bright Blues: While the blue hues look pretty stellar strutting down the runway, I’m not sure there are many people I would recommend this look to.  Graphic lines and bold blue shadows are in, but it is feeling a little reminiscent of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show (am I showing my age?).  I wouldn’t put these bright blue hues on the eyes every day, maybe if you’re feeling wild you can try to incorporate this look, but it’s definitely not the type of ‘everyday’ look most people are going for these days.

Image c/o Vogue.com
Image c/o Vogue.com
Mimi's Blue
Mimi’s Blue

Bold Lips: Okay, seriously, in the past three years when hasn’t this been on trend?  Ladies (and gents), you know the drill!  Bright oranges and purples, deep reds, bright pinks, and sultry plums are all options.  Try pairing this with a very natural looking eye and cheek using lengthening and volumizing mascara to put a little emphasis on the eyes.  I think this look could be great for casual outings and nights on the town!


Glitter Attack:  Part of me fundamentally disagrees with throwing glitter on your face, but the other part of me is totally screaming “YES!”  I’ve been all about the illuminators which have shimmer in them, so I haven’t quite branched out to full on glitter yet, but I feel like in the appropriate setting, this could be a really cool look.  Check out these pictures for some inspiration before trying it out yourself!

Get Glossy:  This look starts with your own skin and not necessarily your make up – you can cake on all the liquid illuminator you want, but without a great foundation to lay on, you won’t achieve the dewey, glowing, glossy skin that we’re seeing on models.  Start out with exfoliating and follow up with a brightening mask, it’s only going to add around 10 minutes to your routine so I’d suggest adding it in!  I love this look because if you get it right, you can pretty much skip mascara, lipstick, contouring, and the works.  Obviously use a foundation that is going to protect your face from any harmful elements such as UVA/UVB rays, and then conceal as you normally would.  You’ll want to use a liquid for both your foundation and illuminator to really get a great glossy effect.  (I use NARS Illuminator in Copacabana)  Focus this product on the upper part of your cheekbones, your t-zone, under your brows and your chin.  Blend it into your skin and make sure not to use too much product!  Finish off with setting spray and you should be good to go for the day.



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