Pajamas for Daytime

By Yiling Lai

Last term my partner and I did a project called Fantasy Fashion Show, for which we created a plan for a themed fashion show. The theme we chose was pajama party. We want to encourage people to attach importance to their sleep habits, so nice pajamas are definitely a good start for a wonderful dream because they make you feel comfortable. Just a couple months after that project, I’ve been noticing that people do pay more attention to pajamas. The new trend for pajamas is not as nightwear, but a fashionable new style on the street for daytime.

This is not the first time pajamas have been appearing outside the bedroom. The first time we saw them was when Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn wore them as androgynous loungewear. Now with the popularity of the wide leg pants and the comfortable middle heel shoes, it’s no doubt that the casual style is back again. And as the most representative pieces of casual style, it’s no wonder that pajamas are a new trend again.

If you decided to wear pajamas on the street, here are some tips to help you stay away from too casual. One of the most common ways to wear pajamas is to mix it with other high fashion items. The white pajama suit below is a very safe one to start with. The overall silhouette is more like a pajama inspired suit, rather than simply pajamas. Also the structured handbag, the leather flat shoes, the sunglasses, and the fur coat all add some legitimacy and formality to the whole outfit.


Even though you’re wearing real pajamas, the rule, which is to always mix pajamas with other official clothing items, is still very useful.


Outerwear is one of the most important elements. If you are uncomfortable just wearing pajamas, nice outerwear can bring more senses of fashion, and create a new feeling.

If you are still hesitant to wear a whole pajama suit set, you can choose to only wear one part of it. You can choose to wear either the top or the bottoms, as pictured below.


However, pajama suits are not the only choice for people who want to try this new style. Slip dresses might be even accepted by more people. There were a lot of brands that had slip dresses in their show this year. Everyone knows slip dresses are very comfortable, casual and sexy, but how would you wear it on the street appropriately?

Shoes are good items to help distinguish the “real slip dress” and the “fake slip dress.” Flat shoes, sneakers are all good choices, but beware of just wearing slip dresses with the high heel shoes.


Again, outerwear is also helpful. A slip dress goes well, especially with the sweaters.


Even though pajama fashion comes back again, there’s only a small amount of people pick up it, most people still think it’s too casual for the office or even on the street. However, the fashion trends change so fast these days, maybe one day we can wear pajamas in our office, or even some more serious occasions.




  1. I really love this trend because who would turn down the chance to wear comfortable pajamas as outerwear?! If I were to try this trend, I would definitely go with a slip dress. I’ve seen many celebrities wear them in different ways. Dressed down with a pair of sneakers (like you have pictured) is my favorite pairing because it seems to be the most wearable.

  2. I love you basically predicted fashion, so cool! I am all about comfort so I am so interested investing in a pair of “daywear pajamas”. I am obsessed with the floral patterned in the second image, and dress it up with some block or strappy. I absolutely love this article, I didn’t know something so casual and comfy could be turned into outwear and elegance.

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