‘Fixer Upper’: An Update

By Rachael Frese

I recently wrote about my obsession with the HGTV show Fixer Upper and how I was getting to do my own little house flip!  I’m here to give a progress update because it will be done very soon! We took a 30″x30″ shower, knocked out a wall, and turned it into a luxurious stand up doubled headed rain shower with a bench in it – I mean, how cool is that?! Ryan and I began tiling out the shower this weekend, but we also caught a glimpse at the newly tiled bathroom floors and the new vanities and mirrors that I [literally] hand picked.

You know how in all of those home improvement shows they run into problems with every single house? I’ve always thought to myself “They’re lying. There is no way they always run into some budget busting problems”.  Well guess what? They actually do! We ran into a ton of problems! First it was the hardwood floors being damaged, then the second batch was too short, and the third batch was a completely different color than we ordered.  Next, the color of the walls didn’t come out as anticipated (they were supposed to be a light gray, they turned out much closer to white).  We spent hours trying to make sure the tiles were level in our newly created shower floor.  Everywhere we turned some little detail was just not matching up, and it’s truly incredible.  You learn to think on your toes and find viable solutions.  I am loving this project!  The only downside is the four hours of round trip travel time every weekend.

1/2 Way There!
1/2 Way There!
New Brick Color
New Brick Color
(Tile not pictured) En Suite in Master Bedroom
Gettin' my hands dirty
Gettin’ my hands dirty
Shower Tiling
Shower Tiling

One comment

  1. It’s cool how the fireplace completely transformed with just a bit of paint! Also, the changes you made to the shower sounds amazing! Judging by what you have done so far, I’m interested to see the complete project.

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