Drexel Alum To Open New Restaurant in Rittenhouse


Former Drexel student, Marti Lieberman, is set to open her first brick and mortar restaurant sometime this month. Lieberman is no stranger to the restaurant business, however, as she has found success with her Philadelphia food truck over the past few years. The business venture she began after graduating from Drexel University, Mac Mart, will find it’s home in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia at 104 S. 18th Street.

To many Drexel students, Mac Mart is a staple in their monthly diets. Mac Mart prides itself on being Philadelphia’s first and only mac and cheese food truck. The popular lunch spot has been listed on many ‘Best of’ lists over the past few years including, but not limited to, Zagat’s 30 under 30, as well as Thrillist’s top 21 food trucks in America. Mac Mart’s original food truck currently offers about thirty different variations of mac and cheese. These classic bowls include an array of options ranging from everything to meaty mac and cheeses, seafood options, and a large list of vegetarian options.

Mac Mart’s new restaurant in Rittenhouse will be modeled after many popular fast food eateries today with the inclusion of cafeteria-style ordering. According to Lieberman, her restaurant will include about ten to twelve classic Mac Mart creations on the menu at all times. In addition to this, the restaurant will offer about fifteen to twenty-five different mix-in options so that customers will be able to easily create their own mac masterpieces, as well.

One thing is for sure: the popularity that Mac Mart has gained throughout Drexel’s campus will ensure Lieberman a strong customer base from the very moment that it’s doors in Rittenhouse finally open.



  1. Mac Mart opening a store is long overdue! The truck has done a pretty great job of creating recurring customers, so I’m sure that the store will be no different. I have seen pictures of the store’s development and I can’t wait to go in when it opens!

  2. I absolutely love Marti and Mac mart! I have been eating her mac and cheese since I lived in towers last year. The truck has down a great job on Drexels campus reading loyal customers so the store was obviously the next best choice. I am so into the make your own option at this restaurant because it allows the customer so many different variations of flavors!

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