Eyebrow Trends

By Krystal Richmond

For some people, eyebrows are a major part of his or her look. While talking to three friends one day, we began to discuss all things brows. We talked about crazy trends, the measures people go to keep them groomed, and even our very own eyebrows. In our group of four, two of us use makeup products to fill in our brows to make them fuller, while the other two wear them in their completely natural state.

Brows in their natural state.

My friends who do not fill in their brows all neglect to do so for the same reason: they do not have time to add it to their daily routine. For them, they prefer to keep their brows in their truest, most natural state. On the other hand, myself and my other friend who do fill our brows in, have no problem taking the time to do so. Ironically, we both claim that it takes little to no time, contrasting to our friends’ claims that it takes too much time.


Filled in brows.

For the maintenance of our brows, we also have different methods. Some of us stick to simply plucking or tweezing every now and then while the others go a step further by waxing or threading their brows. Whether we fill or brows in or not, we all agree that we would still tweeze or wax them to make sure they stay tamed.

Brows in their natural state.

Recently, with social media’s heavy influence, eyebrows have become much bigger (no pun intended) than what they once were. Thanks to Vine user Peaches Monroe, everyone makes sure his or her brows are on fleek. Trends like bleached brows and colorful brows have all had their time in the spotlight, thanks to Instagram. If you don’t know how to fill in your brows, you can simply search a tutorial on YouTube.

Filled in brows.

Eyebrow trends, like any other trend, become recurring over time. Right now, very full and thick brows are most sought after. Similar eyebrow trends were popular in the 50s, with Audrey Hepburn’s defining pair being the best example, and also in the 80s, with Brooke Shields’ brows being center stage. On the other side of the spectrum, thinner brows also had their moment. I’m pretty sure we’ll never forget the pencil thin, barely-there brows of the 90s! Hopefully that trend never comes back in style.

Whichever way you choose to rock your brows, it’s probably safe to say that they are very important to you.



  1. Krystal,
    I loved this article. Over the past year or so, eyebrows have been becoming more and more of a trend. Eyebrows are a major part of some peoples’ look and this article really depicts that! I loved reading this article, it was very informative and well written!

  2. Eyebrows are huge in the fashion world right now. I’d like to say that I try to keep my eyebrows up to date at all times. I get them threaded every 3 weeks and fill them in whenever I go out. I think it is important to shape your eyebrows because shaped eyebrows can shape your face.

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