Fall 2016 Trend: Embellished Sweaters

By: Colby Shulick

After reading some of the top blogging websites and forecasting, it is clear that embellished sweaters are the new trend for Fall 2016.  From embroidery to oversize cording, art is appearing all over your favorite cozy sweaters.

Designers are using beads, fur, fringe, etc. to make these sweaters one of a kind.  Some of the sweaters pop out so much that you don’t need to worry about adding accessories.  Other sweaters are simple so you could add something to make it pop more.  Designers from all over are taking part in this trend.

Whether you want to take part in this trend for the fall or not, some of the sweaters are designed incredibly.  You can pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or a skirt to dress them up more.  The pictures below are some examples of the new trend.  From left to right here are the designers: Dondup, Altuzarra, Versace, Zadig & Voltaire.





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  1. I can definitely see embellished sweaters becoming a trend this fall. I’ve already seen many sweaters that resemble the first one by Zadig & Voltaire. It will be interesting to see if this trend is one students pick up on right away, or if it takes some time to actually catch on.

  2. Colby I love how you are already thinking about the fall trends. Fall is my favorite season along with sweaters being my favorite fall essential. Since I’m not much of a “plain person”, I love a lot of bedazzle. The combination of embroidery and sweaters is genius. I am obsessed with all of the sweaters pictured, now I can’t wait for fall 2016!

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