Fixer Upper: Update 2

By Rachael Frese

Hi all!

This past weekend marked the last weekend I will be working (hands) on doing the renovations.  Traveling four hours round trip every weekend for two months is exhausting.  I was going stir crazy from traveling too much.  I felt like I had no personal time and I was absolutely always on the go.  As sad as that seems, I’m honestly jumping for joy.  However, the project isn’t over yet.  There are still other contractors there to pick up my slack, and I did make all of the design decisions already so I’m just waiting to see my finished product now!

Our last move as set in contractors was laying in the subway tile for the backsplash in the kitchen.  Picture this: gray soapstone countertops, subway tile backsplash, refinished white cabinets, and black refinished hardware.  AH-MAZING! This was my original vision.  However, as I told you in my last update, things don’t always work out the way you want them to.  The gray soapstone counters turned out to be matte gray granite (which is an amazing alternative and way less expensive!) and the black refinished hardware was just way too much labor so we went with a simple satin finish nickel.  Still pretty dreamy, right?  So, on our last day as contractors, we decided to put in the backsplash, and seriously guys, it was so much fun.  Squishing tile into the gritty mortar adhering to the walls is so much more satisfying than you can imagine, and when those tiles line up perfectly in a line and are level with no need for cutting the tile down is a whole new sense of satisfaction.  Take a peek at the before and after!


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