Jewelry With a Cause

by Gabrielle Richardson

This Fall and Winter term I  took my Co – Op in Brooklyn for a jewelry company named ARTICLE 22. The compan took bombs that were dropped in Laos during the Vietnam war and safely removed the from the farmland. After the bombs were removed they were disassembled and made into jewelry, with the profits given back to help the community. The transformation of the jewelry from bomb to beneficial jewelry is an important aspect of the jewelry.

Peacebomb, the first collection by the brand, is jewelry made from Vietnam War era bombs by Laotian artisans. For each bracelet of the collection purchased, 3 square meters of bomb littered land is cleaned.
Too much jewelry and clothing today is made evilly. It feels good to be able to not only get jewelry, but get jewelry that isn’t made evilly and has a message.



  1. This is so interesting. I had never heard of this jewelry and really never even thought of that being possible! I am sure you had such an awesome experience doing your co-op with this company and working so closely with this awesome company!

  2. Gabrielle,
    This article was so interesting to read! I have heard of Article 22 but never knew much information about it. I never thought that this idea could exist. It was so cool you had a chance to work with them for your co-op!

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