Social-Media Only Please

By Samantha Schiano

Nothing can compare to the effects that social media has had within the past decade. It is an accessible, yet dominant and forceful playing field. Social media is a platform for expression, communication, advertisement and news, especially for us Generation Z’s. We are the Millennials. Social media has become a highly influential part of us, more so than any other generation. With every passing minute, social media is gaining more power and influence. Yet with our constant connectivity and participation, we are dictating, whether we know it or not, what is in and what is out.

For the influencers, it’s the survival of the fittest, and in a technological age, it’s the brands that are not only aware of the current world but know where their audience is. These days, the audience is on social media.

Fashion brands, especially publishers, are doubling down their efforts and aggressively moving to become more social and mobile with the world and target the millennial. Below are few of the many fashion brands, who have concerted their efforts on its presence and engagement in social media.


  1. #TheLookIs

This past week, Condé Nast, parent company of Vogue, Allure, Glamour, W and Vanity Fair, announced it will launch a new, socially led beauty franchise to appeal and connect to the millennial beauty consumer. Debuting digitally in September and in print in October, #TheLookIs will become a vast beauty network run by the company’s beauty editors, who will take turns in curating the content and driving not only the trend inspiration but also product discovery socially, personalized targeting, as well as high-impact print. (For more information click here)


2. Obsessee

In March, Clique Media Group, owners of Who What Wear and Birdie, launched a new, game-changing, social media-only brand, Obsessee. There is no website and not one, single mobile platform bounding it but multiple. How they put it: “What’s #obsessee? We’re a social media-only publication here to bring you inspiring stories on the reg. Think of it this way: magazines went from print → websites, and now we’re taking it from .com → social media. We promise: badass content, always.” So say ‘Hello’ to Obsesee and hear what they are all about by clicking here.


3. The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder

Finding its edgier side, Estée Lauder launched in March the makeup and skin-care collection, Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, in Sephora and on With social media it-girl, Kendall Jenner and “cool-girl” beauty blogger Irene Kim as the faces of this campaign, Estée Lauder not only aims to be a key player in Sephora, but to introduce its brand and attract the Millennial in its go-to beauty playground. Social Media, of course, will be at the forefront of this new, modern line. There is an Instagram account as well as a hashtag, #beautyattitudes, dedicated to the line. The line is also promoted on Kendall’s and Irene’s respective social media channels as well as Sephora’s and Estée Lauder’s. For more content on Estée’s newest edition click here, or to start shopping click the Sephora link above!



  1. I have definitely noticed that companies have been utilizing social media more. From castings to branding and even to how they showcase their product. Even Pat Mcgrath casted her ads through social media.

  2. I love this article a lot. Its crazy to think how social media is really taking over our lives especially in the fashion industry since everything is so visual. Brands have been using social media way more now than ever. Its crazy how much they rely on it for advertising purposes but clearly it works.

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