Aztec Healing Clay

Gabrielle Richardson

I love trying out new skin products, and when my roommate told me about a new product she was using I knew I had to give it a test. The Product she used is a facial mask called “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite Clay” and it comes in a one pound jar for 4.99. The jar is full of dust that you mix with water till it becomes goopy, then you apply to your face and let sit for 20 minutes.


The mask dries out your face and pulls everything out your skin. It’s amazing and works. One thing I would worry about is it possibly being too harsh. If you have oilier skin like me this may be the ¬†remedy to all you oily skin issues. I would not suggest using this mask more than once a week because of the strength of it. Despite this I would highly suggest this mask, and make sure to moisturize after!

Heres a YouTube review of the mask below similar to my experience:





  1. I agree, this mask does sound amazing and it’s so cheap! I read an article about a while back and it also had many positive things to say. I also have oily skin, and with the continuously rising temperatures, I wouldn’t mind giving this product a try!

  2. Gabrielle,
    This article was so interesting! This mask sounds so cheap and amazing! I have seen many articles about it and after reading this, I definitely want to check it out!

  3. I own this product! I stumbled upon it on Amazon, and it had over 10,000 reviews and it was praised for its benefits (mosquito bites, facial masks, hair masks, knee packs, and foot soaks). When the mask dries, it has little black dots, which is the dirt from my pores. It’s an extremely effective product. Here’s some exciting history: Cleopatra used Aztec Healing Clay as part of her beauty routine. In addition, it was used in German and Roman spas centuries ago for its effectiveness in skin ailments. I love it!

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