Finals Week Snacking

By Krystal Richmond

With spring term winding down, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that finals week is approaching. From now until my last final, I’m pretty sure everything will become a blur. During this blurred time period, I admit that I will over-shop and overeat. While I can bounce back from the damage of a little extra shopping, the damage of overeating is more difficult to repair—especially if everything I eat is junk food. To do my body and myself a favor, I try to keep my finals week snack rotation a little less junk-food-heavy.

Veggie chips are my favorite. You get all the satisfaction of eating potato chips, without the ridiculous amounts of salt. You also save yourself a great deal of guilt, because you can definitely justify eating an entire bag of chips—as long as they’re veggie chips.

Chocolate covered anything is a personal weakness. Lately, I’ve been indulging in chocolate covered almonds, espresso beans, raisins, and etc. Maybe the chocolate takes away from the whole concept of eating healthier, but I justify this by going for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

I always try to eat a good amount of fruit daily, so finals week is no exception. The fastest way I get a couple fruits into my system is with a smoothie. It’s quick, easy, and a better alternative to a sugar filled drink, or even a cup of coffee. If I don’t drink a smoothie, I usually eat banana chips, or even frozen mangoes here and there.

My list of finals week snacks would be incomplete without a mention of popcorn. When I found out that kettle corn—although sweet and covered in caramel—actually has fewer calories than regular popcorn, I took that and ran with it. I don’t think twice about stuffing my face with a handful of kettle corn anymore.

My finals week snack rotation isn’t the healthiest, but it’s not all junk food and soda. The way I see it, I’m better off eating semi-healthy snacks rather than a whole pile of junk.



  1. Krystal,
    Once again, I love this article! I think everyone can relate to it one way or another and stress eating is a big thing. Between finals week and summer approaching, snacking is a big issue! This article was so true and I could definitely relate to it!

  2. Great article! I always try to find ways to eat healthier in college. Since junk food is so cheap I always gravitate to it but thanks for sharing your knowledge about some (healthier) junk food.

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