Skater Shoes

By: Colby Shulick

Throughout the past couple of months, we have seen the clean white sneaker trend.  This look is definitely not over yet but there is a new type of sneaker that all the major bloggers are talking about.  The skater shoe is going to be the new dominating style of the season.

We have seen the so-called skater shoe in Alexander’s Wang Spring/Summer Collection and Kylie Jenner was wearing a pair as well.  Between the chunky shoe and velcro, this look is blowing up.  Many designers have been influenced from the skater trends in their spring and summer collections.  Whether you want a designer pair or a pair from Zara, everyone is going to be talking about these.

You can pair these new trendy shoes with your favorite boyfriend jeans or a t-shirt dress. These shoes will look great with your favorite outfit and you will soon be wanting to wear them everyday.

Below are a few designer and knock-off examples of the new trend. From left to right: Puma, Alexander Wang, H&M, H&M, Saint Laurent, and Zara.

Every blogger and celebrity are showcasing these sneakers and they will definitely be a huge part of your summer wardrobe.


One comment

  1. Colby,
    I have really been into updated my sneaker collection recently and this is just the article I need to figure out my next shoe purchase. I have been waiting for the launch of Rihanna and pumas new sneakers so I will definitely but trying to get my hands on those. They remind me of the puma shoes you have in this article. Thanks for the inspiration!

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