The Hype About Calvin Klein

By Victoria DiGiacobbe

Over the past year Calvin Klein has become one of the most recognizable designers amongst young shoppers. Whether that is because of the increase in stores that carry his designs or because of all of the fashion icons now posting images of themselves wearing CK’s clothes, everyone seems to be buying the newly favored bras, undies, etc.

Calvin Klein has always been a fashion icon for both men and women. Not only does he have his clothes designs but also his fragrances, shoes, jewelry and other lines. Although we could say he has made a comeback, truthfully he has always been around and in the spotlight. Recently he has been marketing to a younger audience. Calvin Klein can be found a wide range of stores all the way from the larger department stores, Urban Outfitters, and even in the discounted stores such as Century 21, Nordstrom Rack, and others.

Originally, Calvin Klein and his childhood friend started making clothes for just men and with their booming success, later began designing clothes for woman as well. Klein strategically has used well known, iconic celebrities to model his styles and use in his ad’s. A few of the most favored CK designs that are often seen on these models and famous people are:

1.The Sports Bra and Underwear

These sports bras and underwear have a sleek and sporty look. Made from cotton, they are very comfortable and come in a variety of colors. These bras are usually sold for $28.


GiGi Hadid sporting her #MyCalvins

2. As stated above, Calvin Klein was originally a brand for men only and then expanded to woman! Calvin Klein Jeans have always been a major success for the business.


Justin Bieber in his #MyCalvins

3. Recently, not only have the CK undergarments become very popular, but also the rest of the loungewear. Sold at Urban Outfitters and other stores, these comfy clothes are great for hanging around and going to class!


Kendall Jenner sporting a laidback, comfy CK cutoff sweatshirt



  1. Great article Victoria! I just recently got a pair of Calvin Klein loungewear and I can’t stop wearing it! Not only is it great quality but it is also trendy, so it combines style and comfort into one. Due to my recent purchase of Calvin’s, you can consider me part of the hype!

  2. This was an awesome article Victoria! I also love looking at all of the new styles from Calvin Klein and it is crazy how popular the stuff is now! The quality is awesome and it is trending so much!

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