There’s an App for Everything

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The App’s homepage, which has become my most visited website

By Gina Knox

As the Met Gala approached and the new exhibit Manus X Machina was launched, Drexel saw fashion and technology collide in our own way. Unlike the exhibit, our technology collision occurred in how we are managing clothing, not in creating it. As this year’s Garment Coordinator for the Fashion Show I have had a front row seat in the benefits and challenges of embracing a new system.

First, a background of what exactly is changing. Every year as part of the fashion show, business large and small donate awards to Drexel Fashion Design students. They can range from “Best in Show” to “Most Saleable Collection,” and winners are chosen a week before the show at our annual judging event. In the past judges have voted on Excel sheets and then students and faulty have to calculate winners manually. This year the Digital Media students have created an iPad app that will allow the judges to vote online and all results to be automatically tallied.

As we prepare for judging next week we are also preparing to use the app for the first time and along with the benefits come challenges. Once we had all the data that was needed and began putting it in we ran into problems that couldn’t have been anticipated before, such as images being too big for the site. Nevertheless the Digital Media students who created the app have continued to work with us to fix them quickly and we have been able to get everything together. Despite our faith that the app will make our lives easier come next Thursday we have also been preparing the old fashioned sheets for the judges to use, just in case.

In creating the app this year, the fashion show brings another discipline into the experience. We now have five or six different majors contributing to the show in different ways, making the show not just about fashion but about how we can bring many different areas together.

Keep us in your thoughts next Thursday as we pray everything goes smoothly and the app does in fact make our lives easier!


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  1. Gina,
    This article is definitely so relevant to all of us college students. It was really interesting to read this article and learn about all of the different stuff out in the word. It is so cool that technology is pretty much taking over everything!

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