Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

By Victoria DiGiacobbe

Most people never realize how lucky they are until something catastrophic happens to make them think otherwise. We fail to realize how many people in not only Philadelphia, but America and even globally, are greatly affected by poverty and other life step backs. One in every five children living in the U.S. lives in poverty. This then leads to the increasing number of students not making it to high school graduation and then never even considering pursuing a college education because food and other life necessities become the priority.

I am grateful to say that I, a sister of the Phi Sigma Sigma, am helping to increase the awareness of poverty and help decrease the number of children dropping out of school and instead, furthering their education. Every child should have the opportunity to attend high school, graduate, and enroll in a college. Most are not as fortunate as we, so as a sorority, our philanthropic cause is school and college readiness. Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow. By increasing awareness, we as individuals can come together as a community to help stop poverty and help each child be as fortunate as each one of us.

Below are a few of our larger events that we hosted this year to raise money for our Philanthropy.

Lip Sinc For Literacy. October 16, 2015


Phlight For Literacy. May 7, 2016





  1. Victoria,
    Being a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma myself, I can personally relate to this article. I really enjoyed reading this and I took it to heart. Anyone can relate to this article whether being a sister or just someone in general, the article was really inspiring.

  2. I realized that there’s a lot of people that take their education and what they have for granted. When a person works for what they have they respect it more and are more appreciative of what they have. Giving someone in poverty an education is a great idea and a step in the right direction.

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