The Most Popular Fashion Trend in the United States

By: Colby Shulick

After reading this title, you may be very curious to find out the most popular fashion trend in the United States is.  After reading an article from WhoWhatWear, I discovered that the most popular fashion trend are yoga pants.  We have been seeing more and more of the athleisure trend over the past couple of months.  It is crazy to think that yoga pants blew other trends like: Adidas sneakers or ripped boyfriend jeans.

Whether you are going to class, going to get your morning coffee, getting lunch, or just walking around the city, yoga wants are the way to go.  It’s a trend.  People of all different ages are wearing their yoga pants all day now, whether it’s leggings with a coat and scarf or a cropped T-shirt with a denim jacket and some booties.

We are seeing celebrities and bloggers rocking their yoga pants in ways we never could of imagined.  Yoga pants are basically the new jean.  You can style them any way you want, with any piece of clothing.  Whether you are wearing Lulu Lemon, Adidas or Nike, you are up to date with the most popular trend in the United States.




Founded in 2017 by Colby Shulick, HeWoreWhat covers the stuff college guys really want to know about – clothes. Okay, not all men, and not all college guys care about how they look. Most just roll out of bed and find whatever is clean and throw it on. But then there are some who enjoy fashion. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Growing up with both parents in the fashion industry, and now a design and merchandising major, I created HeWoreWhat as a way to provide college men with the newest and hottest trends, fashion advice, and men’s style information. This blog offers honest and relatable content for any college guy interested in fashion. I started HeWoreWhat because I believe that style is more than what clothes you wear. Style is more than the simple jeans and t-shirt you throw on. Style is about you, your interests, your pursuits. I love fashion. More importantly, I love clothes and how an outfit can really define and describe you. All you guys out there must be thinking, am I really going to take fashion advice from a girl? If it had to be any girl, it should be me. The girl who lives and breathes fashion, the girl who scrolls through fashion blogs instead of Instagram, and the girl who wanted to create a place for college men to truly appreciate fashion. I want HeWoreWhat to be the thing you read when you wake up and the thing you read before you go to sleep. I want it to be a guide for all the college guys out there who want to know the newest trend and the biggest sale going on. I want it to be something that you can love and trust. So keep on reading and give me a chance…

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  1. The athleisure trend definitely took the fashion world by storm. When I found out that yoga pants were the most purchased clothing item, I was just as shocked as you are! It’s funny to see how clothing we normally wear on lazy days are becoming acceptable as outerwear for everyday activities.

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